DiFusion, Evonik Working To Develop CleanFUZE™  (pdf, 34 KB)

DiFusion Technologies, Inc., and Germany-based specialty chemicals company Evonik Degussa Corporation are working together to develop a PEEK based product called CleanFUZE™, a new medical polymer that prevents infection and promotes bone and tissue integration.


PEEK Performance  (pdf, 1.23 MB)

In recent years, the medical industry has increasingly turned to synthetic polymers and biomaterials for implants, thanks to beneficial qualities such as flexibility, biostability, and biocompatibility. Marc Knebel, director of VESTAKEEP Medical at specialty chemicals company Evonik, tells "Medical Device Developments" how the particular benefits of PEEK are leading to its adoption a variety of new applications.


VESTAKEEP® for Implants  (pdf, 1.32 MB)

As an implant material, polyetheretherketone has established a firm position in a market defined not by large piece counts, but by custom-designed individual solutions. Evonik has met this challenge with VESTAKEEP® PEEK.