TROGAMID® Care in medical applications - Transparent and chemical resistant

TROGAMID® at a glance

TROGAMID® Care are the high-transparency polymers that Evonik offers for medical technology. The products, based on the TROGAMID® CX series, have been successfully subjected to special tests for medical devices.

TROGAMID® Care grades represent a range of both amorphous and microcrystalline transparent polyamides for processing via extrusion or injection molding.


Microcrystalline TROGAMID® Care MX is the material of choice for all applications dealing with pharmaceutical formulations, lipids or aggressive disinfectants, since it exhibits an exceptional resistance towards chemicals and stress-cracking. Examples include fluid and drug delivery equipment such as stop-cocks, dialyzer parts, housings, covers or hearing aids.
The high mechanical stability of amorphous TROGAMID® Care MT50 predestines the material for applications requiring a high modulus but retaining impact resistance which includes e.g. dentures, parts for monitoring and imaging devices or durable medical equipment. It comprises one of the highest tensile moduli compared to other transparent polyamides.


The antibacterial TROGAMID® Care MX73-A was designed to protect medical devices from surface bacterial colonization, while preserving its outstanding resistance to chemicals and stress-cracking as well as transparency. ISO 22196 tests conducted with E. coli and S. aureus showed a reduction of the viable cell count of more than 99.99%, each.

TROGAMID® Care MX73-L is a transparent specialty grade for applications involving laser welding and laser marking. Though appearing transparent and colorless, it absorbs laser radiation, wherefore the combination of TROGAMID® Care MX73 and MX73-L enables the connection of two transparent parts via laser-welding, omitting exposure of the materials to extensive heat treatments or usage of adhesives.

Target areas of application for TROGAMID® Care MX compounds include fluid and drug delivery systems, surgical instruments, housings, monitoring and imaging devices and durable medical equipment.

Main characteristics of TROGAMID®

- High transparency- High chemical resistance
- Very good stress crack resistance
- UV resistance
- High dynamic load-bearing capacity
- Easy processability & colorability
- Free of BPA

Thanks to these properties, they are excellently suited for applications in direct contact with body fluids, drugs, or active ingredients. They also have outstanding resistance to alcohol-containing disinfectants, particularly in comparison with other transparent materials. They comprise the products:


TROGAMID® Care in medical applications - Transparent and chemical resistant

Quality and Approvals 

Evonik has established a product portfolio that is build on the specific quality, process and performance requirements by the medical industry.

Quality and Approvals of TROGAMID® Care
Environment and Safety - Care Medical Materials

Environment and Safety

A certificate states that it has implemented and maintains an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2009.

Environment and Safety

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Thanks to systematic selection of monomers, TROGAMID® is a crystallizable and permanently transparent polyamide combining the properties of crystalline and amorphous plastics.


Dr. Philip Engel

Business Manager Medical Devices